Gardens and Art

Designing, creating, developing and maintaining a garden is truly an art (and a major one)! Some owners have transformed their gardens into permanent exhibition spaces. Sculpture, Nature and paintings make a perfect combination for an enjoyable visit. Follow the guide !

Not to be missed

> The Gardens of The Château de Vascoeuil

Dali, Braque , Cocteau, Volti ; Vascoeuil has no reason to be ashamed when compared to many French art museums. The Sculpture Park is a veritable open air gallery with a permanent collection of about fifty original works (in bronze, marble, ceramic and mosaic)

> The Gardens of Bois-Guilbert

The story of Bois-Guilbert is above all a human story. In 1985, Jean-Marc de Pas designed and created this vast poetic space. A landscape gardener at heart, he sees ‘monumental’ sculptures as parts of a bigger picture: over seventy sculptures line the route in landscaped grounds of over 17 acres.

> Claude Monet's Garden

Do we really need to introduce you to this garden designed by an artist for his art? Inspired by gardening as much as by its colours, Monet designed his "Clos normand" flower garden and his water garden as true works of art.