Fragile Natural Area: the Giverny hills

Go and explore the Coteaux, the hills above Giverny that form a remarkable but fragile environment. Two waymarked nature trails, each 5 kilometres long (3 miles), leave from Giverny: the Sentier du Lézard Vert (Green Lizard Trail) and the Sentier de l’Astragale (Astragalus Trail). Along the way, you will be able to see wild orchids such as the fly orchid, the lizard orchid or the late spider-orchid, learn how to recognize sour cherries, smell ground cover oregano and thyme, and wander around a former vineyard (yes, it's true!) that has existed for more than a thousand years... Some sections can be difficult because of the rough path and the ascents and descents (height difference: 100 m). Please wear good hiking shoes and be careful, especially when walking down from marker 3 to 4 along the Green Lizard Trail.
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Fragile Natural Area: the Giverny hills


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