Cruises to Rouen

During your cruise stopover in Rouen, there is lots to see and do in this city famous for its cathedral, its fine arts museum, as well as the newly opened Historial, Joan of Arc History CentrE together with the panorama XXl on the banks of the river Seine.


For a better idea of what's to see and do in the port of call of Rouen, please refer to the Rouen dedicated must-see fact sheet as well as the Rouen Tourist Office website.

The Rouen Tourist Office holds a dedicated page and brochure for cruise stopovers which will help you decide how you wish to spend your time in Rouen, only 2 km from the dock to the city centre.

What to see and do in Rouen, you'l be spoilt for choice:

> Museums

> Shopping

> Guided tours

> Restaurants

If you're looking to go off for the day in Normandy, this Normandy video will surely help you decide where you wish to go.


Here are some useful distances and travelling times from Rouen:

- Le Havre, 91 km, 1 hour 10 mins by car (plus regular train service).

- Honfleur, 91 km, 1 hour 5 mins by car.

- Giverny, 72 km 1 hour by car (plus regular train service to Vernon).

- the D-Day Landing Beaches, closest Sword Beach, 140 km, 1 hr 30 mins by car.

More towns are listed on the Rouen dedicated access page.

Access to Rouen by car, train, bus is listed on this dedicated page which also lists the taxi companies.