Tatihou Island maritime gardens

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The acclimatisation garden is located within the walls of old Iazaret, sheltered from the salt spray. Thanks to the eradication of all chemical treatments, the lawns are covered in flowering daisies, trefoils, and mints. There are even some orchids. Whilst you will find some indigenous species here, the flora of the southern hemisphere (New Zealand, Africa and Asia) and of the Mediterranean features more. Echiums or giant buglosses have colonised the walled precincts of the island. Several beds of succulents ornament the walkways. Surprisingly aloes, agaves and aeoniums prosper here. It’s also home to many exotic species: Brugmansia arborea, Yucca elephantipes, Polygala Phormium, Eucalyptus, Cordylines, palms and banana trees.. Tatihou suddenly gives the impression of being far away from Europe and Saint-Vaast, in a little world apart, rich in colour with a warm welcome. The contrast with the austere architecture of the buildings is marked! Stunning all year round!
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Tatihou Island maritime gardens

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