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In the Seine Valley, drop in on Michèle Ratel, an Impressionist landscape painter.
In Poses, on the bank of the river Seine, facing a protected natural landscape, Michèle Ratel, a post-Impressionist painter, opened the three rooms of her gallery. She planted a garden by the water, which she design for painting, as well as a little courtyard with flowers. Her paintings render the atmosphere of the river bank: the flowers, the morning mist, the reflection and transparency of the water. She also draws her inspiration from other subjects that she finds in the environment: poppy fields, paths, etc. During your visit, she will give you a little booklet telling about her activity, her exhibitions in Rouen in 1985 and her move in Poses in 1990, and a few technical details. The exhibition includes educational and entertaining pieces of information about the art of painting and her works. Each painting with its title is located on a map. This tour, guided by the artist herself, allows you to admire he beauty of the Eure Department and its landscapes.
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Seine Riverside Workshop-Gallery

12 chemin du Halage

27740 POSES

Phone : 02 32 59 38 54


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Average time30 minutes45 minutes
Further informationFrench / English document given to each visitor: history of the Workshop, explanations on the exhibition, painting, technical, courses etc.
Next to each painting, a map indicating the title of the painting in French and English with a location on NGI map of the place where the painting was made. Illustrated panel on making a painting step by step as an example.
Slide-show: the painter on the pattern, making paintings, animals of the Seine, etc.


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