Navy & Co Battlefield Tours

Historic sites and monuments

It’s a D-Day tour as told by a modern day Combat Veteran, stand where they fought with former Marine Commando Chris Emery.
Overlook the beaches on which those brave men fought to liberate Europe and listen as Chris talks you through the longest day.
Visit the villages where the Airborne forces landed in the battled for freedom.
Visit Omaha beach and wonder just what it took for these young men to charge up the sand and attack the machine guns high up in the bluffs.
Wander through the Italian white marble gravestones of the US cemetery and discover some of the graves and learn their stories.
Walk around the bomb craters of Point du Hoc and gaze down at the cliff face the Rangers attacked with Colonel Earl Rudder.
Touch history in the little churches of the Airborne landing sites by seeing the bullet holes and blood stains of these brave young men.
See where Brig Gen Roosevelt Jnr landed on Utah Beach and declared “We’ll start the war from right here!
Rate : 250 euros per party per day with your car and approx 400 euros with a minibus.
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Navy & Co Battlefield Tours

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