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In the Boucles de la Seine Normande Regional Natural Park, get to know an exceptional plant and its properties better. Did you know that Upper-Normandy is the largest flax producing region in Europe, thus making France the world leader? The village of Routot is a flax producing land. It boasts the Maison du Lin (Flax Museum) that tells the history, the uses and environmentally-friendly producing methods of flax and linen, the oldest textile in the world. From the pretty blue flower to the mail bags, including clothes, household linen, tennis rackets, car doors, etc., you will learn all about the surprising uses of flax! The Maison du Lin (Flax Museum) welcomes everyone (private individuals, schools, youth clubs, and adults) and offers varied activities and demonstrations. For a lively visit, visitors can participate in activities held on some Sundays and weekdays all year round. Flax blooms during the first two weeks of June. Its morning flowers, which last only half a day, colour the landscapes of the Eure in a subtle blue. Prepare to be dazzled along the way.
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Ecomuseum - House of Linen

Maison du Lin en Normandie2 place du Général Leclerc

27350 ROUTOT

Phone : 02 32 56 21 76

Fax : 02 32 56 21 76


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Further informationGuided tour: presentation of the stages of the processing of flax, from plant to fabric.


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Learn about the history of flax from Antiquity to today. A comprehensive overview of the uses the famous "blue flax flower" from the crop to the processing and various uses, not to forget the growers and other related trades. 30 minute-long audio-visual display.