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The Orne Valley CPIE (Permanent Centre for Environmental Initiatives) is a local association and member of a regional and national network open to all: inhabitants, elected representatives, schools, associations, public authorities, businesses, etc. to enable them to act in favour of sustainable development throughout the area. The association offers expertise to decision-makers, by creating original and easy to use educational material, by reuniting a range of skills and by federating stakeholders around participative projects.
The CPIE’s zone of intervention stretches from the Suisse Normande area to Caen and its conurbation, where it implements, accompanies and valorises local initiatives in favour of the environment.
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CPIE Vallée de l’Orne

Enceinte de l'Abbaye aux Hommes

14000 CAEN

Phone : 02 31 30 43 27


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Minimum number of people 15
Visit the Maison de la Nature et de l’Estuaire: a permanent exhibition on the heritage and natural history of the Orne Estuary, where river meets the sea and many unusual types of flora and fauna can be found. A walk through the Orne Estuary will give you an idea of the numerous breeds of sedentary and migratory birds which congregate here. Other possible activities: shoreline debris...

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