Evreux Normandie Convention and Visitor Centre

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THE “COMPTOIR DES LOISIRS”, IT IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED! The Comptoir, which used to be the Tourist Information Centre, is now a cheerful, generous and authentic place. You live in Evreux or not far and you're fed up of having no idea what to do... We'll make some suggestions to get away from your daily routine, to put a smile on your children's face and tell you about great places to be in good mood! The Comptoir des Loisirs comprises: a visitor centre, an exhibition hall, a coworking and meeting space, a relaxation area with a view over the cathedral, free Wi-Fi and a phone charging station, a shop in which you will find local products, gifts and souvenirs from Normandy, an extra-large map of Normandy with a fun and educational app "Evreux tour" available on download platforms, two digital information screens to highlight the numerous events taking place in the Évreux Portes de Normandie region.
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Evreux Normandie Convention and Visitor Centre

11 rue de la Harpe

27000 EVREUX

Phone : 02 32 24 04 43


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  • Accueil Vélo
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