Site d'escalade La Bisexto

You might be lucky to see a Peregrine falcon while climbing this cliff along the Norman river Seine... On the cliffs along the river Seine, there are 67 routes spread over 6 areas waiting for you at the climbing site La Bisexto. On this south-facing climbing area, graded 3 to 8a, make sure you have a 50-metre long rope. You'll enjoy climbing on these limestone and cliff stones surrounded by a fragile environment. Cliff GPS coordinates: N49°15'10.3'' E01°21'20.9''. For further information, please read the guide "Climbing in the Eure" published by the French federation of mountain and climbing sports (FFME) available on their website and in bookshops in the Eure.
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Site d'escalade La Bisexto



Car park access:
GPS: N 49°15'14.7'' E01°21'13.5''):
From La Roquette, take the C146 to Le Thuit and 50 m after village, turn right. The car park is located at 500 m on the right (it has an electric green transformer).

Mobile phone : 06 76 48 53 16

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From 01/01/2017 to 31/12/2017




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