Olympic Swimming Pool

In Deauville, we love so much the sea that we use it to fill our swimming pool. The water in this Olympic pool (50 m) is pumped offshore and heated to 28° C.
Eight Lifesavers and Lifeguards organize all year round swimming and aquagym courses, as well as free activities for children every Saturday from 4 pm to 4.45 pm.
NEW: aqua-trekking from July 10, including morning and evening sessions.
Contact details

Olympic Swimming Pool

Boulevard de la mer


Phone : 02 31 14 02 17


Base rate From 3,50 €

Adult entry from September 4th to 17th, except for weekends

Base rate From 4,70 €

Adult entry July-August and weekends

Base rate From 6 €
Reduced rate From 2 €

Less than 18-year-olds entry from September 4th to 17th, except for weekends

Reduced rate From 4 €

Less than 18-year-olds entry July-August and weekends

Reduced rate From 1,50 €

Entry for holders of the "Jeune Deauvillais" card, and jobseekers

Reduced rate From 45 €

10-entry card from September 4tht to 17th

Reduced rate From 30 €

10-entry card for for less than 18-year-olds

Base rate From 220 €

Yearly subscription

Base rate From 145 €

6-month subscription

Base rate From 90 €

3-month subscription

Base rate From 1 €

Supplement for family locker

Base rate From 3 €

Mat rental (30 minutes)

Base rate From 2,50 €

Flipper and google rental

Base rate From 2 €

Boards, pullbuoys and noodles

Base rate From 5 €

Swim cap sale

Base rate From 9 €

Aquagym session (45 min + entry included)

Base rate From 80 €

10 aquagym sessions (entry included)

Base rate From 100 €

Swimming course for children

Base rate from 20 at 60 €

Swimming lessons (20, 30, 40 or 60 min)

Means of payment

Carte bleue

Debit cards

Postal or bank cheques




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