Laser Game Evolution

Welcome to Laser Game Evolution with its two mazes on different floors offering 850m² of playing area! The goal is to get as many points as possible by aiming at your opponents' 10 illuminated targets with a laser gun. For more safety and fun, groups cannot be mixed. There should be 6 players minimum. Don't forget to book in advance. Welcome to URBAN PAINTBALL, the only indoor tactical paintball space in the Manche region. Each player will have a mission and will be given realistic equipment to be able to move in scenery recreating a neighbourhood for total immersion. There is also an airsoft shooting range. DATES AND TIMETABLE: Open: Wednesdays: 14.00-00.00, Thursdays: 17.00-00.00, Fridays: 17.00-00.00, Saturdays: 14.00-01.00, Sundays: 14.00-18.00. Holidays and bank-holidays: Open everyday from 14.00, usual closing time. 2016 TARIFFS Lasergame: Volume discounts for groups of 6 players minimum: 1 game 8€, 2 games 15€, 3 games 20€ - Tariffs for groups under 6 players: 1 game 10€, 2 games 19€, 3 games 26€ - Urban Paintball: tariffs for groups under 4 players: 12€ for 2 sessions, 20€ for 4 sessions and 4€ per additional session.
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Laser Game Evolution

433 rue Jean MoulinTOURLAVILLE


Phone : 02 33 44 68 74