American Horse Riding Academy

THE AMERICAN HORSE RIDING ACADEMY, riding school American academic, welcomes fans from 7 to 77 years.
Whether you are eager to descover how to ride the American way, more commonly called "Riding Western" or that you were aiming fo the high-level competition, we offer a new way of horse riding.
The method "Dollivan" will seduce you with its different approach of the horse based on respect and complicity between the horse and the rider.
Equestrian center affiliated FFE: Riding American academic - Introductory Course / Learning: Riding American ethology.
Contact details

American Horse Riding Academy

Haras de la Harlière


Phone : 02 33 12 79 70

Mobile phone : 06 75 48 86 62

Facilities and services

Covered picnic area


Base rate from 15 at 40 €

Discount - maximum age : 12 years old

Means of payment

Carte bleue

Postal or bank cheques

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