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The Domaine des Enclos is an exceptional 33-hectare park bought in 1937 by Calouste Gulbenkian (1869-1955), a businessman sensible to beauty in all things who was one of the 20th century’s most important art collectors. He designed the garden of his dreams and trusted its realization to the landscaper Achille Duchêne. 70 years after its creation, the Parc des Enclos – bequeathed to the city of Deauville in 1973- is a magical place, a secret and joyful side of Deauville. Above all, the park has kept the charm and beauty that his creator had conceived with great sensibility back in his time. THE PARK: On the heights: on the superior part of the park, resinous trees and a vast meadow encircle the park. The central part is recognizable to the beautiful main alley starting at the park’s entry planted with boxwood hedges and trimmed yews. The alley leads to a wide rolling clearing located on a soft hill. At the park’s entry, the grand scenario alleyway leads to some stairs and to a horseshoe clearing where an old mansion used to be. A bit farther, the small scenario, a small bank surrounded by a wall mounted with balustrades was built with stones and railing when the old mansion was demolished. On the lower part of the park, several terraces are placed on various levels: a rose garden (with geometrical parterres and a pond), an orchard (apple and pear trees lined with trimmed boxwoods) overlooked by a small garden building where, since 2010, a permanent exposition tells the park’s and infrastructures’ story. The garden combines, in itself, different atmospheres responding to the meditation needs of its creator. The park combines the classic style of French gardens with geometric parterres, a more natural garden disposition in the English style and the Italian style of yews trimmed in points and its balustrades. The park’s layering of stairways and alleys offers temporary concerts and reading spaces. The lower part of the park, not open to visits, is composed of a farm and its outbuildings, lawns and a set of hutches and aviaries.
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Visit of the Calouste Gulbenkian park

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From saturday 01/07/2017 to thursday 31/08/2017


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