Then we dance ?

So, Danse? ... are the first words they exchanged more than 20 years ago, since they never left each other.
After five "Dance With The Stars" event tours, director Chris Marques and choreographer Jaclyn Spencer present their first creation.
Then we dance ? is a succession of paintings revealing their story ... well almost!
Through the wildest moments of their 20 years together, travels and shows, they unveil the dances that made them vibrate and that will make you intoxicated.
Supported by a cast handpicked:
Christophe LICATA & Coralie LICATA (Dance with the Stars) - Robbie KMETONI (Winner SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE Australia) ..................
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Then we dance ?

Carré des Docks

76600 LE HAVRE

Phone : 02 32 92 52 52


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Opening times

Friday 24/05/2019
From 20:00