The renaissance of LIGNEUREUX

The Ship-owner’s House is celebrating the renaissance of LIGNEUREUX (a creator of objets d’art since 1781) by inviting it to make a stopover in its neoclassical architecture.
The LIGNEUREUX creations, artisanal feats combining ancestral expertise and new technologies, draw on an 18th century grammar to forcefully interrogate the world of today.
This exhibition offers the public a sequence of four ceramics,
representing the four elements: Water, Earth, Fire and Air.
- In the highly graphic dining room of radiant cobblestones:
«VOICES», a melancholy sculpture depicting the fragility of
human constructions.
- In the alcoves of the music room: The pair of reversible
sculptures, «Breathing Earth», glittering to the rhythm of a
snake dance.
- In the main room: the gushes of gold and celadon of «Mighty
Fountain 70», a liquid sculpture revealing the ambivalence of
artistic creation.
- In the oculus: the mobile sculpture «PLEASURE-DOME»
During this stopover at The Ship-owner’s House, Lignereux will
- like Le Havre - study its past, reinvent the present, and write
the future.
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The renaissance of LIGNEUREUX

Maison de l'armateur

76600 LE HAVRE




Base rate From 7 €
Reduced rate From 4 €

Opening times

From thursday 20/07/2017 to sunday 12/11/2017
10:00-12:30 - 13:45-18:00
Closing : Tuesday



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