The portrait of Dorian Gray

By the magic of a vow, Dorian Gray retains the grace and beauty of his youth. Only his portrait will age. The young dandy then indulges in all the experiments. Wilde throws us into a quest for pleasure and beauty in all its forms, beautiful or atrocious.
Of his most personal work, Oscar Wilde said: "Dorian Gray contains too much of myself, Basil is what I think I am, Harry what people think I am and Dorian what I would have liked to be in other times. "
According to Oscar Wilde's novel
Theatrical adaptation and directed by Thomas Le Douarec
Assistant director: Caroline Devismes
With: Arnaud Denis or Valentin de Carbonnières, Thomas Le Douarec or Olivier Breitman, Fabrice Scott or Maxime de Toledo, Caroline Devismes or Solenn Mariani
New Scene
A little gem to put before all eyes. The piece is well conducted and beautifully interpreted. We enjoy ... We rejoice ... Thomas The Douarec and his beautiful team sign there a show as attractive as was Dorian Gray for those he met. Marianne
The adaptation is very clever. It's very respectful of the story and the language, it's a theater that plays literature and plays it well! The mask and the pen. France Inter
Dorian Gray's Portrait of Dorian Gray was written and published in 1890. This novel scandalized Victorian England.
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The portrait of Dorian Gray

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