The little queens

Mireille Laplanche is 16 years old. She likes to read philosophy, slip into chavignol dung, write letters, inevitably unanswered, to her father. For three years on Facebook, she is elected Boudin d'Or at her school in Bourg-en-Bresse, insulting title, but this year, oh disappointment, she is only Bronze Boudin!
Rather than seeing an injury to her ugly pride-that-assumes, she goes to meet Hakima and Astrid, respectively Boudin d'Argent and Boudin d'Or.
Very quickly, and besides their "being pudgy", the three young girls realize that they have something in common. Something we have to get on July 14, at the garden party of the Elysee Palace, in Paris ... To simplify their lives, it is by bike that they decide to join Paris, selling black pudding , under the responsibility of Hakima's big brother, wheelchair war veteran ...
According to the novel by Clémentine Beauvais
Adaptation: Justine Heynemann and Rachel Arditi
Directed by Justine Heynemann
Scenography: Camille Duchemin - Light: Rémi Nicolas
Costumes: Camille Ait Allouache
Music: Tristan Nihouarn
Assistant director: Pauline Susin
Production Manager: Caroline Pellerin
With: Rachel Arditi or Tiphaine Gentilleau, Justine Bachelet, Barbara Bolotner, Manon Combes, Mounir Margoum or Sylvain Sounier
Soy Création - A co-production with the Cultural Association of Theaters in Île-de-France, assistance to the creation of the towns of Palaiseau and Boulogne and the support of Arcadi Île-de-France
Adapted from Clémentine Beauvais' novel, this satire pays for wickedness with caustic humor. Endowed with a breath of contagious optimism, here is a road-trip doped with the insolence of adolescence. A crazy and twisting story, also moving, which addresses by laughing serious subjects. To share with his teens. The Parisian
Clémentine Beauvais' super novel is adapted to the theater. We tested ... and loved it! The world
The novel Les Petites queens by the young author, Clémentine Beauvais, was published in 2015 by Sarbacanne. Prize: Best young novel 2015 - Read / NRP (New Educational Review) / Millepages / Witch 2016 / Libr'avous teens 2015 / Grand Prix book fair for youth of Montreuil.
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The little queens

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