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inauguration Friday, March 15 at 18h The days of the week are reserved for school visits (on reservation). The team welcomes you on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays from 14h to 18h30 From Skylab to the ISS, the space stations fuel imagination, curiosity and apprehension. If space has always made Man dream, it seems more and more in rocket range. For years now, satellites have scanned the Earth permanently, freeing themselves from distances and borders: space has become the perfect relay for communicating on the other side of the planet. A strange place without air, noise or smell, sometimes world of silence, sometimes theater of gigantic energy deluges, space is a boon to science. It has become a unique laboratory for researchers who can carry out new scientific experiments, with no equivalent on earth. Indeed, whether it is the manufacture of new materials, the observation of the climate, the accessibility to drinking water in isolated environments, the scientific discoveries and technological feats realized for more than 15 years have allowed to improve the quality of many people on earth ... and we can safely say that many other applications are coming. The Science and Technology Fair on the theme of space will show you the concrete applications of this research in our daily lives.
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Science and Technology Fair, COSMOS 2019 more ...

Espace culturel de la Pointe de Caux, Avenue Jacques Eberhard


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From friday 15/03/2019 to sunday 31/03/2019



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