Pierre and Gilles

Pierre and Gilles Famous worldwide, Pierre, born in 1950 in La Roche-Sur-Yon and Gilles in Le Havre in 1953 began an amazing piece of work in 1976, on which they both work, a fusion of painting and photography. The perfect pairing, Pierre, the photographer and Gilles, the painter.
The very first photos, «painted using full colour» were those collected by Gilles from photo booths. They were immediately a hit and their style was launched.
Drawing inspiration from American Pop art and folk art, Pierre and Gilles presented their subjects immortalised against improbable backgrounds, natural settings created in the workshop.
Clever mixture of reality and artifice, the personalities inspired them just as much as the unknown entourage. Particular
attention is given to the fruit-themed décor, object of their unrestrained imaginations. Everything is studied in detail, nothing is left to chance, the light is set just as all the costumes, which they create.
The themed collections created by the artists over the years, with recurring motifs, allow them to explore with clever variations in their work. From the subject choice, which develops over the
long-term, to the frame details, least forgetting the model selection, makeup, accessories, a specific viewpoint, then careful painting; the work of Pierre and Gilles is like a ritual which does not include approximation. The resulting images are made for everyone. They have this amazing ability to revive our amazement, make us think along the right lines, they have the power to awake emotions.
The exhibition which includes 80 works, dated from the end of the 70s to the present day, provided by important institutions and prestigious, private collections also has the ability to turn visitors from saints into demons, from tearful to cheeky, from catastrophes to ancient heroes. Or, from the points of views of models, all types of singers and actors, from high-profile celebrities to close friends. Within this mixed community, where the most extreme rub shoulders, everybody can live out a dream, revive a passion. Grouped according to theme, these images, many of which have become iconic, provide an excellent rich, visual grouping.
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Pierre and Gilles

Muma2 Boulevard Clemenceau

76600 LE HAVRE




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From saturday 27/05/2017 to sunday 20/08/2017
Closing : Tuesday



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