Photography exhibition: Lucie Hodiesne and Jean-Claude Baudier

“At a given time of our life, our roads cross: we meet people that have an impact on the course of our lives. Our life is split into the time before...and after this event. That's what happened with Lucie. We already agreed even before we met.”
Jean-Claude Baudier, internationally popular creator of automobile dioramas, describes like that the “miraculous encounter” on a sunny day of October, 2015 with Lucie Hodiesne, student of languages passionate about photography.
They are forty years apart in age, but very close in approaching the crucial phase of a book writing...The pictures of their book will be presented during this exhibition at the Villare!
About Jean-Claude Baudier:
Trained to become indoor architect, Jean-Claude Baudier gained notoriety through famous dioramas that made their buyers - and many more people - dream. Over time, the Mans circuit has become his main inspiration venue. Every year in June, he strolls around this famous Pit lane with his camera on the shoulder, at night or during the day, looking for the detail that will make the difference for his next setting. Finally, a few kilometres of film and some gigabytes of digital photos are selected and stored. Jean-Claude Baudier is maybe one of the people that better knows this magic place, because it explores it with the glance of a person that wants to know all its nooks, even the most unexpected. About Lucie Hodiesne:
Photographer in her soul since she was a child - her father and her grandfather initiated her very early to the art of framing and shooting - Lucie didn’t know yet the automobile sport, but she loved adventure and vintage cars when she left to discover the famous Route 66 with her parents in Summer 2011.
Two years later, she presented at the Town Hall of Villers-sur-Mer black-and-white pictures representing landscapes and people met along the legendary North-American route. An exhibition was rapidly organized and over forty photos were bought by enthusiast visitors.
When Jean-Claude Baudier asked his long-standing friend whether he knew anybody that could help him with his book, Laurent thought about the young intern working at his photography shop in Deauville, for whom he had printed the photos of the Route 66.
Their encounter left no room for doubt: Jean-Claude immediately thought that she was the person he was looking for, and Lucie understood that it was an opportunity to successfully start her career. To let her know the atmosphere, the smells, the noise of this “24 Hours of Le Mans” race, he let her in and made her discover the unique magic of the greatest race in the world, seen from the inside. Jean-Claude Baudier loves conceiving alone the genesis of his projects. He has always thought that this book would have been his own book. But the pictures of the 2016 edition produced by the young woman, his acute layout sensitivity and his keen eye in selecting the best photos made him completely change his perspective on the project.
He wanted his book to be the results of the work of two people in complete symbiosis: one eager of transmitting his knowledge; the other curious of acquiring knowledge. It is the book of a sharing, the book of an encounter.
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Photography exhibition: Lucie Hodiesne and Jean-Claude Baudier

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