Peer Gynt

Greatness and decadence of a whipper
He wants to be someone, he wants to be rich, he wants to be emperor of the world. And if it is necessary to corrupt the verb and twist reality, Peer Gynt will lie and go deeper into the fable of his life.
Ibsen's play, astonishing in its excessiveness, spans five acts and fifty years. She traces the life of a man fleeing to the four corners of the world, in search of an illusory "self".
Hapleur, disillusioned and lost, Peer Gynt erects the lie, the dream and the journey into a way of life. David Bobée invents a thriving theater that plays genres and disciplines. He unfolds this epic in a monumental setting of an abandoned carnival, between a boneless Russian mountain and a huge clown's head
with a squeaky smile. His Peer Gynt, interpreted by the luminous Radouan Leflahi, continues his mirages. He invented himself as a teenager, a half-troll, a businessman, an old man ... constantly overtaken by his egoism and gradually won over by a strange wisdom.
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Peer Gynt

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