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Approach, approach! Welcome to the circus Tarabates
A circus that is played with the fingertips, since the prowess is performed by puppets no higher than three apples. Guided by a Mr. Loyal burlesque, these exceptional artists are on the track for virtuoso and poetic numbers. The funambulist, the fakir, the clown or the trapeze artist come alive between the expert fingers of the master of ceremonies.
On the edge of the track, a musician, half-human half-automaton, does not lose a crumb and does not deprive himself of some mischievous comments. Because, even if the show seems to unfold as expected and if everyone plays his score with skill, we feel that the manipulated are perhaps not those we believe. Throughout the show, the atmosphere becomes suspicious and complicities are traced ... But who really pulls the strings?
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My circus

Le VolcanPlace Niemeyer

76600 LE HAVRE

Phone : 02 35 19 10 20


Recommended for individuals

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Wednesday 03/04/2019



Cultural, Show, Theatre, Circus, For children, Street theatre