Mic' & Mouse

Two days of music around rap and electro at the Michel Vallery hall. When the microphones meet the mice and they grab the scene, it gives MIC & MOUSE. MOUSE for the "mulot", which allows to make music computer-assisted. MIC as the microphone that allows to pour the flow of rappers. MIC & MOUSE is 2 days, 4 artists! The electro sounds will be produced by Loya then French fuse and the rappers Brav and Def will take the microphone.
Friday, April 5, 2019: FRENCH FUSE
Jerry and Benjamin form a duo of producer-arranger composers.
Armed with their hats and their sunglasses, they have been having fun since September 2015 revisiting with a launch pad and an UltraNova synth the sounds of everyday life. In 2018, they hit hard with their single "Do not stop" and with Le Remix des Bleus, mixing the comments of journalists RMC.
1st part: LOYA
Loya explores the musical intimacy of the sister islands of the Indian Ocean, helping to break down the boundaries between electronic music and traditional music in a globalized world.
Saturday, April 6, 2019: BRAV
There are rappers who lend themselves more to the name of artist. Brav, whose real name is Wilfried BARRAY, is one of those.
Quickly, it is his grain of voice that marks us, perhaps echoing its Breton origins. We also feel them in his texts when he claims his proletarian side, his popular influences such as Abbé Pierre or Coluche, and his experience of the "Sous-France". Brav advocates humanity and solidarity through his own universe, the #Bravworld.
1st part: DEF
Originally from the haven, rapper DEF conveys hip hop culture while claiming the French song. Oxmo Puccino, Fonky Family, Zack de la Rocha but also Gainsbourg, Brel and Barbara: his various influences have all shaped the writing of this young author.
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Mic' & Mouse

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From friday 05/04/2019 to saturday 06/04/2019
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