La Locolézarde - Copie

Unusual visit, from 12 years
Gare du Havre, the passengers boarded the car reserved for them. The controller, punching in hand is waiting for them. With kindness she checks the tickets.
A whistle and the train starts off. Our controller then puts on a new suit, to become a storyteller. She comments on the unfolding landscape, evokes anecdotes.
It is an unusual tour of the neighborhoods of eastern Le Havre with its two stadiums on either side of the railway and then the communes of the Valley of Lézarde, Harfleur, Montivilliers,
Epouville and finally our terminus, Rolleville, that we invite you for an original return trip.
Scheduled Dates: Every Sunday from April 23rd to July 9th and from August 20th to November 5th
Schedules: appointments (15h / 15h15) for a departure at 15h30
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La Locolézarde - Copie

Gare du Havre

76600 LE HAVRE

Phone : 02 32 74 04 04


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Sunday 30/09/2018
From 15:15



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