Horse races - Meeting de Deauville Barrière

The international gallop élite invites you to Deauville-La Touques racecourse for the Meeting de Deauville Barrière held in August!
A day beyond tracks
Current and past race champions will meet for the Career Change Day of Race Horses organized by the Au-delà des Pistes Association and France Galop. Thoroughbred horses that have started a new sporting career after competing in races will be observed during shows of polo, dressage, jumping, horseball... It’s a nice opportunity to discover new sports! The day is inaugurated with a parade of former champions that has been widely acclaimed by horse racing fans.
From Saturday 27th July to Wednesday 28th August 2019, the seaside town will host some of Europe's best flat races.
Whether you are an avid racing fan or a curious holidaymaker, you are guaranteed a great day out watching these thrilling events, in which the world's very best thoroughbreds paired with elite jockeys compete.
Come and watch an outstanding series of sporting competitions and cheer on the champions’ exploits!
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Horse races - Meeting de Deauville Barrière

Hippodrome de Deauville-La Touques



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Saturday 24/08/2019
From 13:30


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