From Chopin to the Beatles

Pianist and literary walk through the ages Guillaume Vincent, a pianist with an exceptional career, sees his talent rewarded by a long list of prizes, until his nomination in 2014 "Solo instrumental revelation" to the Victoires de la Musique classique. Invited to the Volcano for the opening of the season 2017-2018 with Théophile Alexandre for the creation of Baroque DNA, Guillaume Vincent returns to create a program simply extraordinary: a bridge between eras, composers, genres, in short a real fresco the music of Chopin specialists and Beatles connoisseurs, lovers of Oscar Peterson and those of Ravel. In this journey through styles and time, the letters give replica notes, thanks to the actress Valentine Jongen, who punctuates the pieces with literary and poetic texts and accompanies us to move from Liszt to Debussy, Michel Legrand, Thelonious Monk or George Gershwin.
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From Chopin to the Beatles

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