Floating Cities

Normandie, Vietnam, Île-de-France, Tahitien, Georges Philippar, France, Ville d’Alger, Pasteur, Washington, Gange, Mariette Pacha… all names of legendary liners that resonate in the memories of Le Havre.
Born in knowledge and pride, they often vanished in tragic ways: set alight, scuttled, sunk... The vessels of French companies like the Compagnie Générale Transatlantique or the Messageries Maritimes roamed the oceans and seas, transporting millions of men and women from all different parts of the world.
Of these giants of the oceans and life on board, a number of traces remain: photographs, objects, documents, films... which French Lines is gathering and preserving in Le Havre. There you can discover the stories, both great and small, of these floating
For this evocatively titled exhibition, the immense vessels - true technological jewels of their era, all gone today - give way to their smaller models: precious miniatures, meticulously produced, of
varying dimensions. Out of their boxes and united for the first time, these miniature liners roam Le Grenier of The Docks in lieu of the ocean. They trace their routes, holding on to their cases, and draw in straight lines the millions of return trips that formed
the pattern of maritime transportation in their time. Each model moves its silent solitude across the space. Imaginary lines criss-cross each other, dividing up the space into squares, highlighting the latitudes and longitudes that form the framework of this maritime history, and thus reviving each vessel as a testimony to lost worlds.
Aurélien Bory and Dorian Dallongeville
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Floating Cities

Le grenier des Docks VaubanQuai des Antilles

76600 LE HAVRE

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From saturday 27/05/2017 to sunday 08/10/2017
Closing : Wednesday



Cultural, Exhibition, Heritage