Exhibition : write your name

A guest artist in A Graphic Season 2018, Marion Bataille is both curator and scenographer in this exhibition. She confronts our written heritage with more recent works and everyday objects and juxtaposing medieval manuscripts with graffiti and the works of prestigious authors alongside work by children from Le Havre, writing their names for the first time, she suggests we reinterpret it.
Some of her own works are displayed. The artist contemplates the act of writing, as much as the appropriation of names. "A child proudly writes it, drawing rather than writing it. An author also signs their manuscript with pride and a singer wants to be top of the bill. Writing one's name is also a sign of belonging, one of identity and validation. It is an affirmation of oneself, of one's work, one's existence."
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Exhibition : write your name

Bibliothèque Armand Salacrou

76600 LE HAVRE

Phone : 02 35 19 70 00




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From wednesday 16/05/2018 to saturday 18/08/2018



Cultural, Exhibition