Exhibition : Waves dark energy

Althought David Raffini and Florian Pugnaire each carry out individual research, these two artists also collaborate on a joint project. Their studio work takes the form of sculptures, performances and films that reflect the creative process.
"Video Sculptures" or "Artwork Events" testify how everyday objects can evolve into works of art.
For Le Portique, the artists once again perform "Wave", a piece that was featured in International Fair of Contemporary Art 2017 in the Paris Tuileries Gardens.
Crumpled, frozen metal sheets represent a bygone gesture and time standing still. "Dark energy" records several layers of a carcass as it is transformed into a sculpture.
Their collaborative work reveals as many states and mutations and as many concerns as those tackled in David Raffini's paintings.
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Exhibition : Waves dark energy

Le Portique

76600 LE HAVRE

Phone : 09 80 85 67 82




Opening times

From saturday 23/06/2018 to sunday 02/09/2018
Closing : Monday


Painting, Sculpture, Video, Exhibition