Delphine Coindet - Ventile

It is around two key words that the exhibition of Delphine Coindet, called Ventile: constancy and renewal is built. These terms describe an artistic posture and practice that seeks to pursue research, reflection, ideas and beliefs while reinventing itself. "One does not go without the other An artistic approach does not give anything, if you do not bring novelty I want to stay myself, while remaining open to what is happening", says the artist.
Conferencing various pre-existing works, Delphine Coindet responds to the invitation of the Portico, investing the space with pieces that interrogate, in the same movement, the flow of air and matter. "The title of the exhibition is significant: Ventile evokes a breathing linked to space, but also an aerial dimension and an accounting aspect." Gathering, while continuing to brew, the artist listens to the atmospheric dimension of the spaces that host it, writing an intuitive score, nourished by personal and artistic events.
Free admission - Tuesday to Saturday from 14h to 18h30, closed on Sundays, Mondays and public holidays.
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Delphine Coindet - Ventile

Le Portique

76600 LE HAVRE

Phone : 09 80 85 67 82




Opening times

From saturday 13/10/2018 to saturday 22/12/2018



Exhibition, Cultural, Sculpture