Cultural Season -Compagnie E1NZ - Zwäi

A nice circus play born from love!
The duo including Esther and Jonas Slanzi has designed and conceived a silent show combining circus, theatre and music. Their physical performance alternates speed and slowness, circus acts and theatre magic. They squabble, get closer, run away, tease and love each other. As circus artists, they astonish us distorting objects that are familiar to us. They propose a series of breathtaking juggling, balance or diabolo acts, managed and launched at breakneck pace… Esther et Jonas Slanzi both remind of Charlie Chaplin in Les Lumières de la ville. Far from cymbal clashes and blaring spotlights, Zwäi is the circus show of two graceful artists. A sweet and light circus show, perfect for everybody, from 8-year-olds on.
Idea and conception: Jonas Slanzi, Esther Slanzi
Artistic design: Jonas Slanzi, Esther Slanzi
Composition and musical arrangement: Robin Oswald
Staging: Schang Meier
Lighting design: Tashi-Yves Dobler Lopez
Artistic advisors: Laura Tikka, Andreas Muntwyler, Maja Weiller
Photography: Anina Lehmann
Costumes: Olivia Grandy
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Cultural Season -Compagnie E1NZ - Zwäi

Théâtre du Casino Barrière


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Saturday 10/03/2018
From 20:30



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