Course: “Cultivate your spirulina at home - Learn to develop your own spirulina cultivation”

Spirulina is increasingly consumed for its nutritional virtues and its effects on the immune system. Its cultivation requires very little water, energy and surface for exceptional performance, especially in terms of proteins. Finally, the production does not require the use of any plant protection product, complying with the sustainable agriculture criteria. Thus, the spirulina culture is growing with today more than one hundred production farms in France, most of which make part of the Fédération des Spiruliniers de France.
Cultivation just requires the same garden where you usually grow your own vegetables. In addition, a home culture allows you to have fresh spirulina, something rare: it is impossible to find it in shops.
The purpose of this training is to learn how to produce it at home, in a small pond or possibly in an aquarium.
The internship is open to all: no skill is required, but just the willingness to develop your own production of spirulina. Laurent Lecesve, an Arts et Métiers engineer and trainer on renewable energies, has been producing spirulina since 2010 within the Bouquetot Eco-domaine, with the mention Ecocert since 2014. He has been the manager of SCOP HYES since 2009.
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Course: “Cultivate your spirulina at home - Learn to develop your own spirulina cultivation”

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