Choirs and orchestra André Caplet

The Choirs and Orchestra André Caplet 1979-2019, 40 years of existence!
Arthur Honegger - King David
In 2019, André Caplet and their director Jean Legoupil decided on an important stage, the culmination of a 40-year-old flawless career.
Founded in 1979, from the two oldest choirs of Le Havre Havre lyre and La Gamme, the choirs André Caplet have continuously carried the musical image of the city by producing a hundred concerts in Le Havre of course, in France and even abroad.
To celebrate this beautiful anniversary, what could be better than King David, the emblematic work of the famous Le Havre composer Arthur Honegger who had come to direct it himself in Le Havre in 1924, 95 years ago. It is not only a tribute of gratitude to André Caplet's choirs but also to Arthur Honegger and to Le Havre music in general.
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Choirs and orchestra André Caplet

Cathédrale Notre-Dame

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Sunday 02/06/2019
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