Bees, a natural history

Imagined and conceived around the work of Eric Tourneret and the expert scientists with whom he worked in France and abroad, the aim of this exhibition is to show the latest scientific discoveries on bees (communication, intelligence , organization of the colony, etc.) but also to tell the relationship of Man and bee around the search for honey.
You will know everything about bees through photographs (including many unpublished), videos (interviews of researchers, reports from around the world), a sound immersion, the collections of the Museum of Le Havre, and educational devices: model, educational beehives, glass hive (installed since 1985 at Le Havre Museum), quiz, tactile, games and discovery books (support for the visit).

The young audience will not be outdone since a course will be dedicated to him in all the exhibition halls, a space of 100m² will be entirely designed within the course, and he will be able to benefit from an offer of workshops and appointments you to mediate.

"I hope the exhibition will give the general public a fresh look at this iconic insect through the latest scientific discoveries." Eric Tourneret
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Bees, a natural history

Muséum d'histoire naturelle, place du vieux marché

76600 LE HAVRE




Base rate From 5 €

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From saturday 06/04/2019 to sunday 10/11/2019
Closing : Monday - Thursday morning



Cultural, For children, Exhibition