Beach Birds + Biped

Two pieces of contemporary repertoire for a unique evening
Monument to contemporary dance, Merce Cunningham would have celebrated his hundred years this year. And who better than Robert Swinston, one of his disciples today at the head of the CNDC of Angers, to pay him a tribute as faithful as alive?
Beach Birds invites the viewer in the soft gestures of a band of seabirds, unless they are swimmers on a beach. The group and the individual answer each other, and, as in a flight of starlings, the movement of the whole is written from the gestures of each.
BIPED is one of the most emblematic pieces of post-modern dance, whose influence is still measured today. It brings into resonance the bodies of dancers with a digital creation that responds to their gestures. This technological and organic exploration is punctuated by the electroacoustic score of Gavin Bryars.
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Beach Birds + Biped

Le VolcanPlace Niemeyer

76600 LE HAVRE

Phone : 02 35 19 10 20


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The 12/09/2018

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Tuesday 12/03/2019
From 20:30