Anne Roumanoff

With Anne Roumanoff, it's always biting, irresistible, funny, relevant and impertinent. For 30 years, the lady in red is among the favorite humorists of the French. Whether she makes fun of us or scratches politics in her famous Radio Bistro, the word is right, the formula slams, we laugh but we think too. Sometimes an emotion passes then laughter starts again more beautiful. His work is marked by a real maturity of the game and a great mastery of writing. Did we know that our daily life was so funny? Anne Roumanoff is always there to remind us and since the world is bad, so much fun!
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Anne Roumanoff

Théâtre de l'hôtel de ville

76600 LE HAVRE


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From tuesday 22/01/2019 to wednesday 23/01/2019
From 20:30



Cultural, Show