A summer in Le Havre 2019: The Sprite

Open the imagination to alternative life forms
The Sprite is an artificial creature that lives in the chimneys of the EDF factory in Le Havre, in the night sky. It appears in the evening, dances and moves, turns from one chimney to another by diving into the depths of the earth or leaping into the sky. Programmed according to algorithms of artificial life, moving in an organic and animal way, its mood is changing, joyous or tired, nervous or soothed, fragile or dynamic, it is very sensitive to the elements, the rain and the wind, and the of time. Existing in the middle between the intangible light and the atoms of architecture, digital programs and energies of wind and water, it opens doors between worlds and reveals invisible forces.
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A summer in Le Havre 2019: The Sprite

Cheminées de la centrale EDF, Route du Mole Central

76600 LE HAVRE



Opening times

From saturday 29/06/2019 to sunday 22/09/2019



Cultural, Sculpture, Exhibition