A Summer in Le Havre 2017: Sound passengers

We are passengers, embarked with our captain Charlotte Roux, a director and producer who, in partnership with Radio France and INA-GRM, takes us on a journey through some fascinating soundscapes, with ten ports of call. We hear lyrics, song, noises from the wharfs, the docks and the cargo ships of Le Havre.
Climb aboard at Port Center, a translucent vessel docked on the edge of the ocean. Charlotte Roux has fitted out the cabin with some high-tech gear with a 3D dome made of 15 loudspeakers designed to sculpt the echoes, trajectories and spatialization of sound. As a bonus, the all-embracing views of the port, its every-changing skies and its ships coming in and out, the ideal backdrop to this sensory odyssey.
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A Summer in Le Havre 2017: Sound passengers

Port CenterChaussée Kennedy

76600 LE HAVRE



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From saturday 27/05/2017 to sunday 08/10/2017



Music, Concert, Painting, Photography