A Summer in Le Havre 2017: LOVE LOVE JULIEN BERTHIER

‘The Love Love is a boat that was found shipwrecked and affectionately donated by its former owners, then cut in half and weighted down with a new keel to maintain its stern out of the water, so it remains at a 45° angle as if it is about to sink… The strange repetition in the name originally given to the small 1980s family sailboat now has an ambiguous, worrying ring to it, to say the least.
The Love Love is hence a permanent shipwreck. A still image of a boat captured in the final seconds before it disappears. Yet the boat doesn't sink and the moment thus suspended in time casts doubt on the tragedy unfolding. Best of all, the boat sails in this position. Take a closer look and you’ll see a sound, functional, recreational craft, with its seat in the right position, its engines and even a ladder so you can go for a swim.
The Love Love offers two contradictory images. A project that refuses easy classification between right and wrong or between worrying and reassuring. An image that strives to make reality more complex rather than simplifying it.’
Julien Berthier
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A Summer in Le Havre 2017: LOVE LOVE JULIEN BERTHIER

Bassin Vauban

76600 LE HAVRE



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From saturday 27/05/2017 to sunday 08/10/2017



Cultural, Exhibition