A summer in Le Havre 2017 :

“There are two flows. Two steady flows that defy gravity until they meet... and then comes the Impact.
There is balance in a simple, raw movement, playing with the natural elements, poised on the edge, embodying power and fragility.
Two white tetrahedrons emerging just above the water’s surface. About sixty meters apart. Two powerful jets of water spout intermittently from them.
Both jets come from opposite directions and their meeting creates powerful, chaotic tension. Watch the magma of water generated by the collision, a cloud that changes shape indefinitely. A constantly evolving image or shape.
It is about energy. It is about power. It is a strong yet fragile match, moving endlessly.
The confrontation creates a transient arch that vanishes as quickly as it appeared.
What is important is the waiting, standing by for moment of impact the way you anticipate a firework display, and how it disappear in the same way.”
Stéphane Thidet
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A summer in Le Havre 2017 :

Bassin du commerce

76600 LE HAVRE

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From saturday 27/05/2017 to sunday 08/10/2017



Cultural, Exhibition