A summer in Le Havre 2017 : Catch me if you (sray) can

Right at the very end of a secret alleyway. In an obscure little nook of the port. On the edge of a wasteland. Jace is a well-known Le Havre-born street artist who later settled on Réunion Island. He will be sending out his ‘gouzous’ – his emblematic characters – to some pretty unlikely or possibly strategic sites in the City, for visitors to track down.
There will be prizes and awards for those who spot them first. The ‘treasure hunt’ will be orchestrated on social media and is bound to keep the huge gouzou fan club in suspense while surprising and delighting passers-by.
The map below shows the starting points for the discovery trails: follow them across the city to unearth Jace’s designs.
Contact details

A summer in Le Havre 2017 : Catch me if you (sray) can

76600 LE HAVRE

Opening times

From saturday 27/05/2017 to sunday 08/10/2017


Exhibition, Painting