75th anniversary of the liberation of Le Havre

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The exhibition "75th Anniversary of the Liberation of Le Havre - Last Stage of the Battle of Normandy" highlights the role of the port of Le Havre during the war period, its essential place in the device of Liberation of Europe through the 16th port and the rapid recovery of the economy and trade.
In addition, as part of this economic recovery, are discussed the major decisions that prevailed in the reconstruction of the city and the role of the Church of St. Joseph as a memorial church.
On the eve of the Second World War, the port is the lung of the city and the pride of the Havrais. Then comes the time, gray-green color of the uniforms of the occupying force, the confiscation of the port. Blockhouses are built everywhere. Eighty-three bombings later and systematic destruction by the mines laid by the occupant, the port is no more.
US forces take it very quickly in its dilapidated state and with the help of the agents of the Port Authority of Le Havre put into service equipment. The front can now be fed from Le Havre.
Then, slowly, in the sand of credits and available materials, the port is rebuilt. American and British cranes give way to Caillard gear. Traffic, meanwhile, is growing every year, from 1.56 Mt in 1945 to 27.13 Mt in 1964; in all destinations, passengers are 7,612 in 1945 and 215,788 in 1964.
20 years later there is nothing more of this devastation. This first part of the exhibition retraces the great upheaval of the port, shows what all those who worked there did to endure and pays tribute to all those who raised it.
A second part of the exhibition traces more specifically the history and the role of the star shelter (Räumbootsbunker) of its construction by the Germans in 1941 at the southwestern end of the central pier, until its destruction in 1971 to allow new port developments. In addition to Le Havre, the Kriegsmarine has set up its stunt bases in Cherbourg, Boulogne, Dunkerque but also in Ostend (Belgium) and Rotterdam or Ijmuiden (Netherlands).
The exhibition thus makes it possible to put the base of Le Havre in relation with other bases of the same type.
Exhibition realized by the City of Le Havre, direction of the valorization of the cultural inheritance in partnership with Maritime heritage associations havrais maritime
Scientific Office:
Patrick Bertrand, former engineer of the Grand Port Maritime of Le Havre,
Françoise Gasté, Doctor Letters,
Sébastien Haule, research engineer at the CNRS,
Laurence Le Cieux, art historian
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75th anniversary of the liberation of Le Havre

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