Le Tréport's Funicular

This funicular is unique in Europe and offers breathtaking views!

A voyage through the cliffs

Inaugurated in 1908 and entirely modernised in 2006, Le Tréport’s funicular is unique in France and even in Europe, as it crosses a tunnel though the cliffs. It connects the lower part of the town to the upper part, from which you can enjoy breathtaking views. It only takes two minutes to climb or descend the 155-metre long slope, but the journey through the tunnel is a unique visual experience, with the 63-degree incline which gives you a bird's-eye view of the town below.

Access is free!

Hotels, restaurants and cafés nearby

What to see and do

  • You can board the funicular on rue Amiral Courbet in the town centre or on the clifftops, where you'll find a big car park.
  • Tuck into a delicious meal while watching the funicular cabins ride up and down the cliff face. Located right next to the funicular station in the town centre, restaurant 4 Saisons offers beautiful food and views!
  • Ideally sitauated and recently renovated, the colourful Villa Marine hotel boasts gorgeous views of the port, town and cliffs.

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