Atelier-boutique de Poterie de Villedieu


Françoise and Issan Hassan have been potters for 40 years. The pottery takes up 100% of their lives, ill or not ! Françoise took up pottery after having attended a school of fine art in London. Issan had the chance to be able to integrate into a pilot school of art from the age of 13 years thanks to his artistic talents. Later he attended a school of fine art in Brighton.
A family of artisanal potters
Today, the couple produce with passion numerous creations : dinner services and lamps, unique pieces by order... Since 2012, their daughter Eve, has equally made pottery from a very young age and has joined the workshop of her parents. Her artistic universe complements that of her parents and gives the public a large choice of original pieces. Eve offers courses in pottery to children and adults per session or per year and is open all year. The family gives a generous welcome to visitors in their shop situated in the historic centre of Villedieu les Poêles, rue du Docteur Havard.
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Atelier-boutique de Poterie de Villedieu

1 rue du Docteur HavardVILLEDIEU-LES-POELES


Phone : 02 33 90 90 36

Mobile phone : 06 17 46 14 50


Region de production Normandy