Worth a visit - Falaise

A tremendously imposing medieval castle still dominates the town of Falaise. It acts as a reminder that this was the birthplace of the fearsome William the Conqueror, although the fortifications you now see date from after his time. Falaise suffered appallingly in the latter stages of the 1944 Battle of Normandy, but it has attractions beyond its great fort.

Not to be missed

> Château Guillaume Le Conquérant (William the Conqueror's Castle): despite the name, the vast castle you see today was developed for the Anglo-French kings of England in the 12th century, then further extended in the 13th for French royals. It has been magnificently restored in recent years and the tour makes the most of modern technology to recreate the castle’s illustrious past and bring courtly life back to life.

> Automates avenue museum : Parisian shops used to put on elaborate displays in their windows, featuring automated figures. At this place, you can admire several hundred of them, placed in elaborately reconstituted shop windows.

The vast castle was developed for the Anglo-French kings of England in the 12th century.

> André Lemaître Museum: this museum is dedicated to an accomplished painter from Falaise.

> Eglise de la Trinité: Just below the castle. Also note the bellicose statue of William the Conqueror on horseback beside the Trinity Church, with panels below it illustrating other dukes of Normandy.

> Civilians in Wartime memorial: Dedicated to civilian victims of war, both past and present, the main focus of this museum is on the lives of the Norman people during World War II. Through archive footage, an interactive tablet tour and immersive film, you will discover both the tragic and the trivialities of everyday life under German occupation, the Allied liberation, subsequent bombings and post-war reconstruction. Located in Falaise where 80% of the town was destroyed during its liberation, the museum pays homage to the 20,000 civilians killed in Normandy during the war. Beyond the stories from Normandy, the museum address how civilians have been affected by conflict across Europe and the wider world.


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