Trouville-Hennequeville Boat Club (CNTH)

Sailing - Sand sailing - Stand up paddle

This water sports club in Trouville-Hennequeville is an affiliate of the French Sand Yachting Federation.
Approved by the French Sailing Federation. Official French Sailing School. Certified for competitions.
The club invites you to try out many activities: catamaran and dinghy sailing, windsurfing, fun board and sand yachting.
The CNTH also offers sand yachting, windsurfing and sailing courses as well as equipment rental.
On the Côte Fleurie, the Centre Nautique of Trouville-Hennequeville (aka CNTH) is a water sports organization that offers sailing, sand yachting and kite flying. Qualified instructors give introductory and advanced courses on catamarans, sailing dinghies, windsurfs, fun boards and sand yachts, and will teach you all about speed sailing, kite flying and more. A wide range of lessons, training courses and rentals for all – kids and adults, beginners and experts alike – in a professional and convivial setting all year round. Groups and seminars welcome at this club in Calvados, not far from Paris.
The CNTH is affiliated with the following French federations:
- the French Sand Yachting Federation
- the French Sailing Federation (as an official French Sailing School, certified for competitions)
- the French Federation of Free Flight (as a kite flying club and school)
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Trouville-Hennequeville Boat Club (CNTH)

Digue des Roches noiresGPS boulevard Louis Bréguet


Phone : 02 31 88 13 59

Fax : 02 31 88 00 37


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