Sailing and Wind Activities Centre

Sand sailing - Kite flying - Sand sailing

The OSLC is a School of CHAR to SAILING SPEED SAIL KITE BUGGY (Sand Kite) and KITE MOUNTAIN BOARD recognized and labeled by the FFCV. Open all year by appointment from Tuesday to Friday. Due to its exceptional location (Anse Sciotot) and its new center of sailing activities and wind, OSLC offer a quality service. You thrive on tanks serviced daily, without having to move them to the beach. Also integral combinations are available. After the session, you can relax in the Club House of the center
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Sailing and Wind Activities Centre

19 route du Fort - Sciotot


Phone : 02 33 04 16 78


Base rate from 27 at 44 €
Child rate from 27 at 44 €
Rates for groups from 19 at 29 €
School group rates from 19 at 29 €
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