Menhir Normandie Kite Surf School

Kite Surf - Wakeboard - Water skiing

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Le Menhir, an affiliate of the French Federation of Free Flight, invites you to discover kitesurfing in the best possible conditions.
The team is made up of qualified instructors who tailor their courses to suit your level.
Le Menhir Kiteschool is the official school of the LE MENHIR kiteshop.
Located just 2 hrs from Paris in Normandy, on the beach in Cabourg (Calvados).
This spot with a capital S is perfect for kitesurfing thanks to a vast expanse of shallow water, protected from the waves by large sand banks at low tide.
The 'Cap Cabourg' spot catches west-southwesterly, westerly, northwesterly, northerly and northeasterly winds.
Navigation in not advised under other wind conditions (offshore winds).
If winds are offshore, and you already know how to handle your kite, we'll take you for a lesson in deeper waters, assisted by a semi-rigid boat. (Weekends and school holidays only, times can be found on our Facebook page.)
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Menhir Normandie Kite Surf School

Cap CabourgAv. Durand Morimbau


Mobile phone : 06 42 47 17 88


Base rate From 50 €
Base rate from 100 at 125 €
Base rate From 120 €
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