Cerfs Volants Folie

Kite flying

Practice sessions on the beach in Ouistreham.
Based in Ouistreham, the Cerfs Volants Folie kite flying club invites you to discover the art of kite flying through kite-building workshops, open houses, events and competitions. An affiliate of the French Federation of Free Flight, all types of kite flying disciplines are available at the club. Single liners, stunt kites, power kites, 4-line kites and aerial photography kites can be found alongside the popular 2-line stunt kites, great for synchronized team flying. An amazing sight to see on the Riva Bella beach.
Contact details

Cerfs Volants Folie

14000 CAEN

Phone : 02 31 77 97 58

Mobile phone : 06 13 32 11 26


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